Space station 13 guide to construction cost

Space station 13 guide to construction cost

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19 Dec 2018 Basic Tools. Before you can begin any construction or deconstruction you need to gather a few useful tools. These tools can be found in any 6 Feb 2019 This Space Station 13 Guide is pretty good as an introduction to the While it's not fair to shove the rules down your throat, CM-SS13 is a The first is building walls, doors, nests, and resin to create and Costs 75 plasma. 11 Mar 2015 Guide to advanced construction. From /tg/station 1 Machine Construction . Better manipulator: lower production costs and production time. 11 Dec 2018 Machine Construction Steps. Metal.png Machine Frame. Better manipulator: lowers production costs and production time. . See the Guide to genetics for more information. Can be .. Space Heater Board 1x Capacitor.png (по-умолчанию SS13) Установите нужное направление камеры. В качестве апгрейдов вставьте solid phoron для защиты от EMP, морковь для X-Ray и8 Feb 2019 Credits to: Better Manipulator improves build speed and lowers production cost; Better Laser improves 2 Mar 2019 This guide (as well as a few roles) may also apply to other servers, so keep in mind that not every server is the same as CM-SS13! Don't apply The building blocks; Managing your pipes; Controlling the flow . Again, this guide won't tell you how to create the perfect explosive mix, so feel free to sign .. Check the material cost on the ABC-U and load accordingly.


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